a.k.a Running of the Bulls

LOCATION: Pamplona, Spain
COST: free!
DATE: 6th – 14th July

San Fermin has become an internationally known festival for its bull running, where bulls are lead through the streets of Pamplona behind brave runners. For people who don’t feel like risking their lives, these runs can be witnessed every morning of the fiesta at 8am from the streets or the main arena. There is a lot more to the festival than just the bull running and bull fights which make it suitable for all ages.

San Fermin is on almost everyone’s bucket list for its never-ending partying, amazing atmosphere and an overall spectacular experience.

I have been to San Fermin twice and would definitely recommend going. You MUST be there for the opening ceremony, as it is the biggest party of the fiesta!



LOCATION: Bunol, Valencia, Spain
DATE: last Wednesday of August

Approximately 30,000 people come from all over the world to participate in the world’s largest tomato fight! At 11am, a ham is placed on top of a greasy pole and the tomato fight can only begin when someone brings down the ham. Many struggle on the slippery pole to try and reach the top. This very entertaining event is a great way to start the festival.

Dozens of trucks then tow the 120,000 pounds of over-ripe tomatoes into the crowed streets. The fight goes on for an hour, which sounds like nothing, but you are pretty thrilled when it’s over. Be sure to bring goggles for eye protection.

This ridiculously dirty, amusing tradition is a must do!



LOCATION: Munich, Germany
COST: Free!
DATE: 17th September – 3rd October 

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival! It begins when the mayor taps the first glass of beer and says “O’ zapft is!” or “It’s tapped!” in English. This German festival celebrates everyone’s favourite things: mouth-watering food, huge beer steins and merrymaking.

Back in 1810 when the first Oktoberfest began, it took place in October but over the years as it became more and more popular; they moved it earlier in the season.

Oktoberfest has been known as “an Adults’ Disneyland”, which I can see why. Dressing up in lederhosen’s and dirndls, sitting in huge beer halls with friends eating large pretzels and drinking amazing beer. What more could you want? This is by the far the best festival I have ever attended and would recommend it to anyone!

‘the island of freedom’

LOCATION: Hajógyári Island, Budapest, Hungary
DATE: Mid August

Sziget is one of Europe largest music festivals, reaching on average around 400,000 people over the week! What makes this festival so great is it’s super hot weather, outstanding line up, thrilling vibe and the never-ending partying. Did I mention it’s on an island?
I went to this festival in 2015 and fell in love with it. As it’s in Budapest too, the festival prices aren’t so ridiculous either.

TIP: it can get extremely hot, so try arriving early to set up camp under some trees.




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