Road Trip from Puerto Escondido to Mazunte


After being in Puerto Escondido for just over 2 weeks, we craved another adventure.. So we jumped on a scooter and rode down south for the day.

It was mostly just a long stretch of highway all the way down to Mazunte. It was hot, extremely dry and all you could smell for kilometres was burning bush. We passed rows of farms, small fruit stalls and tiny underdeveloped towns with not a single tourist in sight.

After over an hour and a half of riding, we realised we had missed the turn off to Mazunte. Instead of turning around, we decided to keep going south through Puerto Angel and how glad we were that we did! This tiny little fishing was beautiful. We stopped at a beach called ‘Playa Panteón‘ which was to die for! The quiet little cove had calm crystal clear ocean that was perfect for swimming and snorkeling. We had lunch at the ‘Bienvenidos Hotel‘ right on the beach and we people-watched for a couple of hours. The food was good and reasonably priced for the location.


Next, we came to the town called Zipolite, known for it’s nudist beach, hippie vibes and strong currents. We checked into Castillo Oasis Hotel, our home for the night. This beautiful tree house style hotel was perfect and the owner Carrina made us feel right at home. It was located in the quieter end of Zipolite and was only a short walk away from the beach.


After checking in, we got back on the scooter and went to explore Mazunte. On the way, we passed through a quiet little beach town called San Agustinillo that had rows of cafes and restaurants along the coastline.

In Mazunte we walked the streets lined with hippie shops selling mandala throws, swam against the strong waves and enjoyed it’s chilled-out vibe.


We watched the sunset off ‘Punta Cometa‘ along with a crowd of others. It was such a beautiful view but unfortunately it was a cloudy night so the sunset wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been.


For dinner, we walked along the main street of Mazunte looking for somewhere cheap to eat. We stumbled across a basic little restaurant with plastic tables and chairs out the front called ‘Taqueria El Mazunte‘. There was only one other Mexican family eating there and the workers spoke no English. The tacos were $10 pesos each and were so good!


In the morning, we had breakfast at ‘La Mora Cafe‘ in San Agustinillo. We sat on the balcony that overlooked the beach and the food was amazing and very reasonably priced.

On the ride back to Puerto Escondido, we stopped at a small beach called ‘Agua Blanca‘. There was a few small food shacks lined up along the beach and the only other people there were a couple of local families. The waves were strong and red flags were put up to warn people to not swim. We only stayed a short time before heading back to Puerto Escondido.


I would recommend anyone looking to chill out and escape the crowds to visit these small beautiful beach towns. It really was a piece of Mexican Paradise!





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