A trip to Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca

On Wednesday afternoon, after I finished my bar shift at the hostel, Jared and I jumped on the scooter and rode down south to the Bahias de Huatulco (Bays of Huatulco). A huge cloud came over us as we were riding along the highway and we could see lightening in the distance. We had a 2 hour + trip ahead of us and all I kept saying to myself the whole way was “Please don’t rain, please don’t rain..” Thankfully we arrived to our hotel safe and dry.

bahias de huatulco

I booked a nice place for us to stay for two nights in Chahué called Hotel Villablanca, which was only two blocks back from the beach. The place beautiful and the staff were very friendly. After living in a hostel in Puerto Escondido for the past month, it was so nice to have a comfy bed with air-con in the room and a HOT shower!

In the morning, we had the buffet breakfast down at the hotel restaurant where they had everything you think of. Omelettes, tacos, croissants, pancakes, fruit, juices, coffee and more! Was definitely worth the extra 150 pesos.

After breakfast, we rode south, down the coastline stopping at all the bays along the way.  Unfortunately the day was overcast and pretty miserable so we didn’t feel the need to go swimming. After we passed Bahia de Conejos, we decided to keep driving down to Barra de la Cruz (20 minutes south). I had heard from friends that it was a spot not to miss so we thought we would check it out.


Once we hit the turn off for Barra de la Cruz, it was a long dirt and dusty road that headed towards the coastline. We passed a small village with nothing more than a few shops, B&B’s and farms. It was simple, but I liked that about it. Before we could go any further, we had to pay 30 pesos each to a local man to pay for the facilities at beach like the showers and toilets to stay clean and running. The road came to a dead-end where the camper vans were parked at edge of the sand and the surfers were out waxing their boards getting ready to hit some waves.

We walked along the beach where there was the most perfect right-hand point break. Unfortunately we didn’t take our surfboards on this roady so we had to sit back and watch the other surfers catch the waves. We didn’t stay for long in Barra de la Cruz, but we instantly fell in love with the chilled out surfy vibe it gave us and we know we will definitely be back one day.



We then drove back to Santa Cruz, where we went for a snorkel. The beach was crowded with Mexican tourists and the water was kind of murky, but it was still nice to see. The waterfront was full of small authentic Mexican restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a meal with a view.

Early the next day, we checked out of the hotel and headed back north to find Playa San Agustín. It was a long bumpy dirt road through a small village and passed rows and rows of farms. We arrived at the bay just as the sun was coming out behind the clouds; it was beautiful! We swam in between the multi-coloured coral for hours looking at the different types of fish and enjoying the warm crystal clear water. It was pretty spectacular!

We sat down and enjoyed a refreshing cold beer before heading back to Puerto Escondido. It was lovely holiday from a holiday!




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