Life in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

I’ve been living in Puerto Escondido for about 6 weeks now and it has been nothing but amazing and I really feel at home. The people I have had the chance to meet have been nothing but friendly and more welcoming than I ever imagined and I am truly grateful for that. Knowing very little Spanish has been hard and I have felt quite distant from the locals for this reason but still they have tried to include me in every way they can. Writing this makes me a little sad that I am leaving this beautiful place in a week to continue on my travels as it’s made me realise how much this place has meant to me. This place feels like my home and the people here feel like family.

As I sit here on this dark rainy Wednesday morning drinking my coffee, I feel grateful for having the chance to experience this incredible place and all it has to offer.

Here are a few tips on what to do in Puerto Escondido I have to give you and I hope you fall in love with it as much as I did.



El Cafecito is open breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and is one of the busiest restaurants in Puerto Escondido as the food is good and the prices are low. They have two locations, one in Zicatela and one in Carrizalillo. We went here mostly for breakfast and usually ordered the vegetarian omelet, which is so good and super filling. They also have some amazing fresh juices that are worth trying.

Oceano 56 is a new seafood restaurant that opened in Carrizalillo a few weeks ago. They have a lot of fresh seafood dishes and tacos all for a reasonable price. Make sure you try the coconut tempura taco; it’s incredible!

El Sultán has the most amazing traditional Middle Eastern food. When you’re feeling like you need a break from tacos and burritos, this is the place to go! My favourite is the falafel wrap, which are only $40 pesos. So cheap and so good!! You can find El Sultán on the main strip of restaurants at Carrizalillo or in Zicatela.

Barfly is the main bar in Puerto Escondido, which is located on the front street of Zicatela. We don’t go out drinking much so this was the only bar we went to while we were here. They are only opened Thursday to Sunday and the busiest night is usually Friday.



Bonobo Surf House is located only 2 minutes away from Playa Carrizalillo in a quiet street. The surf house only opened a few months prior to us staying here so everything is very modern. Alice, the owner has given so much time and love into making this place perfect, which has really paid off! The lower level of the surf house is the hostel, that is made up of about 15 dorm beds and the three upper floors are all private rooms. This makes it the perfect place for all travellers. I loved everything about Bonobo and would recommend this place to anyone.



Playa Carrizalillo is a beautiful bay that has something for everyone. It’s perfect for all you active individuals wanting to go swimming, surfing and paddle boarding. Otherwise there are rows of sunbeds available for those of you wanting to relax and read a book. We stayed only 2 minutes away from this beach so this was where we spent most of our time. The surf here is perfect for beginners and long boarders.


Playa Zicatela is the most popular beach in Puerto Escondido that is lined with cool cafes, restaurants and bars. Zicatela is well known for it’s gigantic waves, and is sometimes identified as ‘Mexican Pipeline’. This beach is perfect for expert surfers. We spent days lazing around at the beach bars drinking beers and watching the huge sets roll in.


La Punta gave us a pretty different vibe to the rest of Puerto Escondido. It’s a lot less developed with only one main dirt road along the beach with a couple of small cafés and shops. The place is always filled with young backpackers relaxing on the beach or out in the surf. This left-hand point break is another perfect place for beginner surfers and long boarders.


Playa Bacocho is a quieter beach just next to Carrizalillo. We only really came down to this beach to watch the stunning sunsets.




Cinema on the Beach
Every Wednesday night at 8pm, Hotel Villasol (near playa Bacocho) get’s the projector screen out and plays a movie on the beach in front of the hotel. The movies are played in English with Spanish subtitles and the best part is it’s FREE for everyone!

Learn to surf
I only ever knew Puerto Escondido for its massive surf, but there are actually some amazing spots for beginners as well. There are surfboard rentals and amazing surf schools everywhere in Puerto so don’t miss the chance to get out in the ocean and catch a few waves!

Boat Tours!
The pacific coast is home to many amazing sea creatures including dolphins, whales and turtles. There are many local businesses that are willing to take you out to see these animals for a pretty low price!
There are also a lot of marlin fishing tours available in the area for all the fishing lovers.

Puerto Escondido is also a great centre point to travel to the smaller towns around it. We used this opportunity to visit many different towns nearby. Have a read of my previous posts to find out where we went!



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